W5JH Projects

I really enjoy building radio equipment - probably even more than operating. For me, most of the fun is getting there. I have built a lot of kits and also some from scratch. I remember my first kit was a Eico 753 transceiver (we called it the "seven drifty three"). That was about 1972. Since then, many Heath kits and other manufacturers products have been built. Now, most of my building is concentrated on QRP projects. I am always looking and planning to build new radio things.

Below are some of my projects.

Z-Match Small Z-Match Portable Antenna Tuner

Norcal Paddle Small Norcal/K8FF Paddles

Regen Small 3.5-10 Mhz Regen Receiver

EFHWA Tuner small new An End Fed Half Wave Antenna Tuner

R1/Ugly Weekender 40 Meter Ugly Weekender XMTR/R1 RCVR

AK Small Atomic Keyer

DSW20 Small Backpacking Station

K2 Station Small Elecraft K2 Station

Magic Antenna Lengths


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