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Regen Receiver

Regen Receiver

This regenerative detector receiver is based on Charles Kitchin's High Performance Regen Receiver. The circuit (see schematic) was modified to use a LM386 as the audio output. The cabinet/chassis is 1 inch pine. The front panel is aluminum. The top and sides are made of 1/8 inch masonite. I tried to make the box look like something from the 1930's.

The electronics is built using the island method of prototyping. Small pads of circuit board material are glued down to a larger copper laminated board and act as islands insulated from the laminate. The copper laminate is used as the ground plane. The tuning capacitor and regen capacitor are 200pf types with a very smooth 7:1 vernier drive built in. The receiver has a frequency coverage of 3.5-10Mhz. Several SW broadcast stations have been logged using a 20 foot long wire on this receiver.


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