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This station was sold to Gabe Sellers W2ZGB

Elecraft K2 Station

K2 Station 2

In Novemebr of 1999 I purchased a K2 transceiver from Elecraft. Along with the K2, I also purchased the SSB Adapter, Noise Blanker, Internal Battery Kit, and 160M/2nd Antenna options. The K2 was built first and it took about 25-30 hours to build which included inventorying all parts. I worked only a few hours each day over a several day period. The only problem I had was low RF output on 10 meters. I rewound two transformers(T1 and T2 - I think those are the numbers) and that corrected the problem. I now have greater than 10W out on all bands. Some bands have as much as 14W output. The options all came up without any problems. I am using an Alinco EMS-42 dynamic hand microphone and it has enough output to drive the K2 on SSB. I am also using the famous Yaesu FT100 knob in place of the original Elecraft tuning knob. My wife purchased for me one of the Aluminum cases for sale at Sam's Club as a Christmas gift. I have fitted the K2, Z-Match, Norcal/K8FF Paddle, EMS-42 microphone, connecting cables, log, pencils, etc. into this case. This combination makes for a very compact station.

I have included several pictures below if you are interested in seeing the K2 setup.

K2 Station including the Z-Match

K2 Front Panel

K2 Front Panel (different view)

K2 Station minus the Z-Match

K2 lid showing the Internal Battery option

K2 Top View

K2 Top View again

K2 Station in a box


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