W5JH Projects

Light Weight Station - Sold to well known backpacker Dr. Robert Armstrong N7XJ


The DSW-20 (Small Wonder Labs)is a light weight 20 meter transceiver. Some of the features are:

           - Digital Tuning
           - RIT
           - Built in Keyer
           - Audio Frequency Announciator
           - Battery Friendly Current Draw
           - Small Footprint

This radio was chosen for its features and light weight. This radio weighs 0.49 lb without the top cover.

MK44 Paddle

This paddle is a modified Whiterooks MK44. The 1/8 inch output jack has been eliminated and a light weight cable soldered directly to the MK44 to save weight. This combination weighs 0.091 lb.

Radio Shack Headphones Folded Headphones

This is a pair of Radio Shack Ultra Light Weight in-the-ear headphones. They are a lot more comfortable that the earbud types. The sound from these is LOUD. These headphones weigh 0.052 lb. The cost is $20.

AA Battery Pack

This is the "heavy" 10 AA Alkaline battery pack. Voltage is about 16V for fresh batteries but quickly drops to below 15V. The current capability is about 1800mAhrs. This pack will power the DSW-20 for many hours. Weight is estimated at 0.6 lb. Cost is $4.00 + the holder/plug.

AAA Battery Pack

This small and reasonably light weight battery pack uses 8 AAA Alkaline batteries. Voltage is 13V for fresh batteries and drops to 12V or so fast. Power output on the DSW-20 using this battery pack is approximately 1.3 watts. This pack is rated at approximately 1000mAhr and weighs 0.24 lbs. The cost is $4.00 + holder/plug.

Lithium/Alkaline Battery Pack

This battery pack is made of one 9V Lithium and two 1.5V AA Alkaline batteries. A set of fresh batteries produces 13V. Power output is about the same as with the AAA pack. The Lithium 9V battery has a current rating of 1200mAhr and is the limiting current factor. This battery pack weighs 0.21 lbs. The cost is $7.30 + holders/plug.

Lithium Battery Pack

This battery pack consists of one 9V Lithium and one CR123 3V Lithium battery. A fresh set of batteries produce about 13V. Power output on the DSW-20 is about 1.3 watts. This pack is current rated at 1200mAhr. The pack weighs just 0.146 lb. However, this is also the most expensive pack. The cost is $10 + holders/plug.


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