The AZ ScQRPions/W5JH Paddle

As John Stevens, K5JS, announced on QRP-L we are again selling paddles. If you are not aware of what the paddle looks like, the links below show the product pretty well. It is a kit of parts, that when finished, makes a nice small paddle. You get to do the finishing! The first paddle shown below is a picture of the Original Model. The second paddle shown is a picture of the new ScQRPion Bigfoot wide base model. I had a local trophy shop hog out the base with my call and name. I used Krylon Red paint to fill the letters/number. All of the brass was sanded. However, no polishing has been done, which gives the paddle a satin type finish.

Brass Paddle Wide Brass Paddle

Brass Paddle Picture 1

Brass Paddle Picture 2

Brass Paddle Picture 3

Brass Paddle Picture 4

Brass Paddle Picture 5

K2 and Paddle

FT817 and Paddle

DSW20 and Paddle

IC703 and Paddle S/N 699 (photo courtesy of KC0MAX)

Paddle Parts (what you get)

Paddle Building Instructions

Paddle Finishing Instructions

Serial Numbers List

Spare Parts

To place an order, contact John Stevens, K5JS, at:

John Stevens - K5JS
21547 N 91st Drive
Peoria, AZ 85382
Please email John to check on availability and pricing before placing an order! You can also go to the AZ ScQRPions link

We also accept orders for spare parts. Send requests to the address above.

As always, we thank you for your support.

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